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Battle royale game enthusiasts are always on the lookout for a new video game to play. They always share information on the new ones that game developers are introducing into the market, and they always welcome those that are available on the internet and are in “early access”. In this way, they can participate in the development of the game as it gets underway.
If you are one of these enthusiasts, you will definitely like Realm Royale. This free-to-play game has exploration, foraging, and survival elements built into it. You can also provide feedback to the developers to further improve the battle experience.

Why Play Realm Royale?

Realm Royale is one of the most promising battle royale games today. Its fantasy theme mixes up with a class-based structure, making your gaming experience more enjoyable. Unlike most battle royale games where you start with nothing, Realm Royale lets you start with your own unique abilities. This gives you distinctive advantages even before you venture out into the battleground. You might think that Realm Royale is just like any other multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games. Unlike these games, however, Realm Royale has some features that will definitely spur you into playing on until you become the only one left standing. You can even ride your own horse in this game if you want. Here are the amazing features of Realm Royale that will tell you why you need to play the game:

Start with a 4-Man Squad
With Realm Royale, you always start the game with a 4-man squad. It is different from MOBA video games. You can choose to start out alone or in a group with these other games. However, Realm Royale lets you work with your team at the outset. This makes for a great bonding time with your friends, making it a “must-do” activity the next time you hang out together. Better yet, you can make this the reason for you to hang out.

Pick from 5 Classes at the Start of the Game
Realm Royale lets you pick from among five classes at the start of the game. You can choose to be a warrior, an assassin, a hunter, an engineer, or a mage. Each one of these has unique abilities and strengths, giving you a choice as to the physical build, agility, movement, and the whole suite of class-specific abilities. The class you pick, though, will determine how you fight your way out of the battles.

Weapons, Abilities, and Armors are Easy to Acquire
The most important addition to Realm Royale not found in other MOBAs is the Forges scattered throughout the game map. Forges are crafting stations where you can make or acquire the best armors, weapons, and abilities. Realm Royale has forges in 18 different spots across the map. Another feature of Realm Royale that is also not found in other battle royale games is the “Disenchant”. This gives you the ability to turn any weapon that you see on the ground into shards. You can then take these shards to the forge. These features motivate you to continue “disenchanting” weapons even though you have already made and collected a full set of weapons.

Reviving is Easy
One fun thing you can experience while playing Realm Royale is when your health runs out. In Realm Royale, when you run out of health, you do not “die”, but you’ll turn into a helpless chicken, instead. Once you turn into a chicken, all you can do is run around and try to survive the skirmish around you. If you survive for 30 seconds, you return to your old character and be ready to fight the battle again. On the other hand, you have to finish off your enemy’s chicken version to fully “kill” him off. This is a goofy break to an otherwise tension-filled game level.

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Why Boost your Realm Royale Rank?

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