Reviews of Amir #7772

Hamza boosted by Amir from Gold I to Platinum III - 12/08/2019

Great service. Completed it real quick!

Arrow boosted by Amir from Silver II to Gold IV - 12/08/2019

Really good service! Quick notification, got straight to the point, good demeanor and helped you out when you had no idea what you were doing! Great guy right here.

Domenico boosted by Amir for 1 Wins - 11/08/2019

Really good streamer

jared boosted by Amir from Gold III to Gold II - 11/08/2019

Amazing to work with did not lose a single game amazing

Anon boosted by Amir for 2 matches Games on PlayStation 4 - 07/08/2019

amazing as usual the best rainbow six booster for me. He wins all games and boosts K/D.