HotS Rank Boosting
yuan boosted by Jovan from Gold 4 to Platinum 5

Jovan delivered quick results. A+

HotS Placement Matches
Huskie boosted by Jovan for 9 matches

Jovan is a legend. Did well and completed placements super fast! Went 7-2, for a messy season like this one - its well done!

HotS Rank Boosting
Ania boosted by Jovan from Silver 5 to Silver 1

Boosted by Jovan - Amazing speed, great result. I think most of games was MVP (just to emphasise the skill of the booster)

HotS Coaching
Piotr coached by Jovan for 1 hour

Very good and nice guy, always again !

HotS Placement Matches
Leon boosted by Jovan for 4 matches

Very good booster would definitely recommend.