Elo Division Boost
Sindre boosted by Evgen from Gold 5 to Gold 4

good booster

Elo Division Boost
Sean boosted by Evgen from Bronze 2 to Silver 4

I must say my booster was really nice friendly and fast thx so much b2tos4

Elo Division Boost
Roy boosted by Evgen from Silver 1 to Gold 5

Great Player,
the perfect example how nice a league player can be

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Jason boosted by Evgen for 10 Games

Great player, really fast.

Elo Division Boost
Gustav boosted by Evgen from Silver 2 to Gold 5

Felt stuck in silver 1/2 and he boosted me to gold 5. And thanks to that ive been able to climb by myself all the way up to gold 2! Thanks alot