Elo Duoqueue Games
Lee boosted by Ken for 5 Games at Bronze 5

This Kat is out of control. Someone need to do something right now!!

Elo Division Boost
J boosted by Ken from Silver 2 to Platinum 5

Was a super cool guy. gave me huge tips great booster. 90% win rate this guy is Youtube mad movie level good! Surely recommend!

Elo Division Boost
Jeremy boosted by Ken from Silver 1 to Platinum 5

Great booster. Very helpful in tips and trying to explain things to help me in future games.

LoL Placement Matches
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Ken did his best as always. A few rough games in placements he couldn't do much about always gave his best.

LoL Placement Matches
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Was super friendly and did a great job 9/1 on placements! Thanks Ken!!