awesome and fast legend boost!

Very good, Kirill was very friendly and did a great job! :)

Got Kirill as my booster who got me to legend within three days while he was always chilled and in for a talk while I spectated him. I really recommend this site :)

The first time i thougt can this be real with HS boosting?!
And yes it is more than real :-) the Support is very friendly and answers very fast. After i purchased my order 5 mins later the Booster contact me. He was very very friendly and awesome. His Name was kirill. i hope i write it right. It was all perfect i have no contra thougts of this site. if u Need a real good Booster oder him for Hearthstone Legend rank. Im sure i will order him again. Dont be worry about anything, the site is very safe und memberfriendly. Hop3 u Keep that site up:-)

I was having lots of trouble with the heroics but I love the cardback you get from completing them so I bought the help for heroics and it was done in a few hours. Amazing service :)