Elo Division Boost
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Amazing service, with a super nice and skilled booster.
- No complaints.

Elo Division Boost
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Gilberto is so great I came back again for another boost. This guy is helpful, kind, and quick!!!!

LoL Placement Matches
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Gil is very friendly and a very talented player he went 9-1 in placements and the loss wasn't on him. This is the guy for all your league services.

Elo Division Boost
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This website is amazing, it is NOT a scam as many others out there, payment is easy and fast. Service is even better, both boosting and customer service. Will purchase again 10/10

Gilberto booster (#2252) Amazing guy, will deliver in as short time as he can and is very professional. 5/5

ELO Wins Boost
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thank you