Good booster
Fast boost from iron to silver we almost won all games .
i can recommend this booster

I ordered another boost and we played some more games before I advanced to platinum 1. It went very quick and he really saved me fom soloQ. Not only does he win his lane, he constantly keeps an eye on me and the enemy. He communicates when to push and where to push. He knows exactly when I can go all in and when I should stay back, when to take objectives and so on. Vural is a true machine, a legend born to help people to achive their goals. I wish this very friendly man a bright future in league of legends and the e-sports business. Yours sincerely / Tryndamere

great job. awesome

Great booster. Fast service

What a great person, I loved his charming ways. Besides, he was great on the rift now we are gonna play more.