Rocket League Rank Boosting
Tobi boosted by Nils from Platinum III to Diamond I on PC

nice booster fast and easy from plat 3 to diamond + some games

Rocket League Coaching
Patrick coached by Nils for 1 hour

Best Coach. Was a nice hour

Rocket League Rank Boosting
Y boosted by Nils from Diamond III to Champion I on PC

fast and easy played with him - would recomment :)

Rocket League: Placement Matches
Unknown boosted by Nils for 10 matches on 2v2

WOW! Won 9 out of 10 placement matches all in Champ+ Level. Very difficult to do. Awesome work!

Rocket League Rank Boosting
Randy boosted by Nils from Gold III to Platinum II on PC

Very nice guy, loved playing 15/10