Overwatch Rank Maintenance
AmazE maintained by Adrian for 1 week at Master

Had to go out of town for a week, didn't want to lose my master. thx

Overwatch Rank Boosting
Dan boosted by Adrian from 3119 to 3700

Adrian C., is the guy u want! God damn hes so good!!!! TYSM Adrian!!

Overwatch coaching
TheGS coached by Adrian for 1 hour

Adrian gave some really useful tips, ironing out some of little errors that i have with Ana. Definitely will line up a few more questions and book an hour again!!!

Overwatch Win Boosting
Adam for 10 Wins at 3766

nicest guy on earth! Pro booster (Y)

Overwatch coaching
Adam coached by Adrian for 1 hour

nice guy! great teacher too! Now i understand how to deal enemies with genji