Reviews of Semyon #108882

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fun to play with. great games.

Woodelf boosted by Semyon for 50 (+30 Free wins) Wins

80 Wins! That is a big task and Semyon powered through in no time.
You cant go wrong ordering a stream with this guy! His gameplay is fun to watch and you learn a lot.

Semyon is skilled, polite and communicative... you cant go wrong with this guy!

Woodelf boosted by Semyon - Legend's Wrath T4 (Deal 4000 damage in a single game)

Absolute mad lad! Good work, Semyon!

Jonathon boosted by Semyon from Platinum IV to Diamond IV

Amazing everytime

Florian boosted by Semyon from Platinum IV to Master

Very competent, fast and super nice. He keeps you updated all the process. Higly recommended.