Reviews of LoL Coaching

Preslav coached by Melih for 1 hour - 12/11/2019

Very polite person !

Thomas coached by Alejandro for 2 hours - 10/11/2019

cool boi

Umberto coached by Jim for 1 hour - 06/11/2019

Best coach i ever had. He s really clean when he explain something u should improve and why. And is a nice guy. So if u want a choaching try to get jim as a coach

Kapperoni coached by Jim for 3 hours - 15/10/2019

Very nice coaching, helpful and gives a lot of advice.

Mikkel coached by Jim for 1 hour - 05/10/2019

Super cool and funny guy with a lot of game knowledge. Showed me a lot of good tricks and how to be a more consistent player.