Duke boosted by Ognjen from Diamond 4 to Diamond 2 11/03/2018

Playing in Diamond, still 75% win rate - amazing Booster? Yes!

CarryPotter boosted by Jovan from Platinum 3 to Platinum 1 01/03/2018

T H I C C and fast boost 10/10

William boosted by Ognjen from Gold 2 to Platinum 5 24/02/2018

Quick and perfect !

wardrock boosted by Ognjen from Platinum 1 to Diamond 5 18/02/2018

Really thanks to this booster, really funny, communicativ and very fast boost. I recommand him . Thanks again Ognjen

Stefan boosted by Ognjen from Silver 5 to Platinum 5 17/02/2018

kind fast awesome 10/10 doin it again