Reviews of Rocket League Coaching

Corey coached by Jonas for 1 hour - 30/06/2019

absolutly incredible coach 100% using again!

Apollo74 coached by Jonas for 1 hour - 04/05/2019

This guy is a beast! will take him again

funky coached by Mitchell for 1 hour - 03/05/2019

everything was fine, thanks for the coaching

Rahul coached by David for 1 hour - 28/04/2019

Really helpful and well skilled. Looked at my replays and told me what I was doing wrong and also tough me new mechanics in a private match

Pascal coached by Cole for 10 hours - 16/04/2019

A very friendly, experienced and nice coach. He is very responsive to the wishes of the person and can explain very well. you never have the feeling that he has no desire or other valued. I'm sure that I get on with the tips and learned things very quickly. even though my english is bad, he tried to explain it to me as well as possible. If I need a coach again, I'll definitely take him again. Clear purchase recommendation :)