Patrick coached by Nils for 1 hour 10/05/2018

Best Coach. Was a nice hour

Carlosistheman coached by Carlos for 1 hour 31/03/2018

Hes amazing...I like him the best

Doobo coached by Koray for 1 hour 19/03/2018

He really helped me out a lot and figured out all my flaws within 5 games. Really recommend this. Super helpful!

Michael coached by Jose for 1 hour 15/03/2018

The skills, and the matter to the techniques are incredible. While things make a LOT more sense, applying them aren't going to be as easy as watching Jose, #3838. Possibly one of the hardest homework assignments I've had in a long time. Thank you for your time, and I really hope you go far with Rocket League, (further than you currently are). Great Work.

Ben coached by for 3 hours 12/03/2018