RL.Player boosted by Daniel from Platinum II to Champion II on PC 21/09/2017

very friendly and fast. Great booster :)

Eren boosted by Daniel from Diamond I to Grand Champion on PC 20/09/2017

Took a while but I mean it was from Dia 1 to GC so understandable :)
Friendly and Nice :D

Steven boosted by Adrián from Platinum III to Diamond I on PC 20/09/2017

Very friendly booster didnt even lost once.
Would recommend to anyone.

M. boosted by Alex from Platinum III to Champion I on PC 20/09/2017

Playing with Alex breathed life into RL again! Just sad that I can't continue playing with him! :'(

SUCH a nice booster, and a pleasure to work with!

Mari boosted by Guille from Platinum III to Diamond II on PC 20/09/2017

Very Fast and good Booster :) Nice Contact.