Reviews of Dota 2 Low Priority

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good. done in 1 day!

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Good booster

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Had a problem at the start but everything turned out good.

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Marko Lazic, my savior from, did a good job. He won 3 LP games in a row, he is a beast! Thank you so much for your work.

- They customer service attend you almost immediately at any time and they help you with any inconvenient.

- When the booster finishes the assigned job, they post a screenshot of the work done.

- The booster just ask for your username, password, and security code. That shows professionalism from them as they do not ask for further unnecessary information to do their job.

- I thought the booster was going to contact me ASAP, but that happened 2 hours after I made the payment.

- I tried to chat with the booster via mobile (I was using Google Chrome on iPhone 6s) I could not write to the assigned booster, I was able to read his messages though.

Thanks for the job ProBoosting!

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Very good and friend booster