READMEtxt boosted by Mikhail for 5 Wins 24/05/2018

Great service, completed 5 low prio games for me quite fast. Very happy and will use this service again.

Aayush boosted by Rustam for 4 Wins 23/05/2018

Amazing guy, won battle points for me, wrecked the opponents and completed 4 lp in like 3hrs, amazing amazing job. Definitely recommended

Lukas boosted by Mikhail for 4 Wins 15/05/2018

did 4 low prio matches for me. super fast :-)

Nasser boosted by Roman for 5 Wins 28/04/2018

Fast low priority remover and very responsive to messages. I rate him 10/10

JEONGMIN boosted by Vlad for 4 Wins 19/04/2018

very quick and kind
gonna use the service again later :)
thx bro