Reviews of Dota 2 Coaching

Andreas coached by alireza for 1 hour - 28/05/2019

Very insightful and intelligent dota booster. He provided me with some very clear feedback about my gameplay and areas I could improve or do different. We talked for a long time around different aspects of dota gameplay and he shared some next-level knowledge. I am very greatful for his service, I will return for another session after incorporating all of these new ideas into my gameplay.

Elias coached by Cristhian for 1 hour - 17/05/2019

Very friendly and helpful!

player coached by Nenad for 1 hour - 21/04/2019

He was so nice coach, he drew my attention for several details and he was so elegant presenting his advice.
So recommended if u wanna have a friendly and experienced coach.

Eric coached by Nenad for 1 hour - 17/04/2019

very good

Guilherme coached by Nenad for 2 hours - 15/04/2019

About 2 hours of coach anda i think i have improved. Looking forward to test what i learn.