After a few beers I popped onto this site and placed an on order for ten matches of calibration (Dota 2). I got an instant reply from Nenad who guided me through how to let him take control of my account and went to bed

I was impressed that Nenad listend to all of my requests such as playing on a specific server and playing a specific hero. I managed to catch a little of him streaming my matches and was also impressed that how much he cared, for example, in one game that was hard I could see his frustration but could tell that he really wanted to win for me.

I calibrated at a higher mmr than previous. Most importantly my acount was safe throughout. I would definately recommend Nenad if you want to pay to win some games. Just be prepared to explain the rampages on your feed, to your friends ;)

Great booster! Got me into very high skill in just 3 games. Highly recommended.

Best booster 5/5 win

Best booster