Luka boosted by Platon from 2018 to 2300 11/07/2018

Very fast and professionally done

James boosted by Woon Ern from 2390 to 2590 10/07/2018

Excellent - Have learned so much from this booster. Very friendly and gets straight to the point with winning and boosting. Will definitely use Woon again :) Thank you

Elton John boosted by Woon Ern from 3711 to 4111 10/07/2018

from 3711 to 4126. I will recommend Woon Ern for the best mmr booster ever. it took only 1 day to complete the task and with fast and good communication. I am totally satisfied with the service thanks. goodluck

Marcelo boosted by Alexander from 4718 to 5000 09/07/2018

very fast

Paladin boosted by Andrey from 2464 to 3400 09/07/2018

Great job, fantastic mid player. Great person and super attentive with the customer. Commend !