Rodrigo boosted by Alexander from 3725 to 4100 23/04/2018

Great work and fast delivery, winning >90% of the games. Fully recommended!

KiLLeRR boosted by Mikhail from 3375 to 4200 23/04/2018

Amazing Job Amazing skills i recommend +++++
. thank you very much Mikhail :)

pee boosted by Alexandr from 1823 to 2943 23/04/2018

Did a perfect job

santro boosted by Stepan from 2737 to 2837 22/04/2018

awesome... moreover a friendly one.. brother ..... highly recommeded.. :D

Loki boosted by Ramil from 3200 to 3300 21/04/2018

Ramil is really fast and efficient, and definitely a 5 stars booster. Someone must have clicked wrongly in the rating.