Linda boosted by Rafa for 7 Games 16/08/2018

Nicely done, even tho it wasn't my prefered champ.

Daniel boosted by Gonzalo for 10 Games 03/08/2018

Gonzalo es un pro autentico, tenía problemas con mi elo, y me lo ha restablecido como hace 2 años en un santiamen, lo pongo en español para que otros jugadores españoles lo lean, es 100% legal, nada de trampas ni trucos, todo un profesional, si tengo problemas acudiré a el sin dudarlo.

Arjun boosted by Gilberto for 7 Games 01/08/2018

did pretty good in the placement matches only lost 2 matches good job!

L boosted by Melih for 1 Games 23/07/2018

Amazing carry once again, this time as a jungler. It was incredibly fast, right after I placed the order he picked it up and worked on it right away. He's still friendly as ever. Can't be more satisfied with the service!

T boosted by Teddy for 3 Games 19/07/2018

nice and fast service