Reviews of Elo Duoqueue Games

Jacqueline boosted by Rob for 4 Games at Platinum 1 - 24/09/2019

Awesome experience, was very insightful, helpful and gave me numerous tips during gameplay. Hard carried and helped win my promos. Very chill and enjoyable person to talk to - definitely recommended!

logan boosted by Miguel for 3 Games at Gold 2 - 24/09/2019

very good booster. stays cool and good carry

T boosted by Melih for 3 Games at Platinum 4 - 23/09/2019

good service, would defo use again XD

Otis boosted by Guillermo for 20 Games at Gold 1 - 17/09/2019

Best booster in the biz

Otis boosted by Guillermo for 5 Games at Gold 1 - 30/08/2019

Fast, Friendly, Skilled.