Brian boosted by Eslam for 5 Games at Silver 1 05/11/2017

Very good player. Very agressive jungler and almost always got first blood. i played top alot and he almost always ganked my lane and got me a kill. we played 4 games and won 4. very good and very knowledgeable. 5/5 stars

Lee boosted by Ken for 10 Games at Silver 3 05/11/2017

Ken was a straightforward dude. Asked if I wanted feedback on what I was doing wrong and he did awesome at explaining things in detail. Definitely, recommend. Will use again if I get more games. Thanks, Ken!

Brian boosted by Evgen for 10 Games at Silver 2 04/11/2017

Started S2 70 lp ended G5 promos. played 10 games won 9. He's a very good player and very aggressive which I like to see. Even if he falls behind he seems to know what to do and what objectives to go for. There were a couple of games where he fell behind and he did seem to get a little butt-hurt about people playing braindead champs.(only complaint) Other than that very good booster. 4/5 stars :)

M L boosted by Reda for 3 Games at Gold 1 01/11/2017

Very Skillful and friendly. Thx!

M L boosted by Reda for 2 Games at Gold 1 01/11/2017

Very nice skillful and friendly booster!