David boosted by Evgen for 3 Games at Bronze 1 05/02/2018

tried to win every game to the best of his ability couldnt ask anymore. thank you so so much

Joshpal boosted by Melih for 2 Games at Silver 3 05/02/2018

Best man for the job.

Niels boosted by Gonzalo for 2 Games at Platinum 4 03/02/2018

best vlad euw :D

Lee boosted by Ken for 5 Games at Bronze 5 03/02/2018

This Kat is out of control. Someone need to do something right now!!

Wuking boosted by Ronald for 10 Games at Platinum 3 29/01/2018

Super helpful. The best Karthus I've ever seen. Super understanding of the duo schedule as well. 5/5 easy