xxxx boosted by from Silver 1 to Gold 5 25/03/2017

Very nice and friendly booster! Any doubts and questions I had were answered and everything was clear! :)

Paulosh boosted by from Gold 5 to Platinum 5 24/03/2017

That guy is a machine, hes helpful a smart guy and give u tipps for the Game and works super focussed.

Michael boosted by from Platinum 2 to Diamond 5 19/03/2017

Great booster very fast and reliable.

richy boosted by from Platinum 3 to Platinum 2 17/03/2017

I loved the process really fast games winrate was really high in plat 3.

Dimitrios boosted by from Silver 3 to Gold 4 16/03/2017

Sarah Green killed it, really turned up :D