herve boosted by Artur from Gold 5 to Gold 4 25/11/2017

thank you very much for the speed of the boost, I'm really happy. the next time I ask for a boost I will be reminded of arthur !!

Josh boosted by Joseph from Silver 5 to Gold 4 24/11/2017

Joseph is a great booster. He carried me from Silver 5 to Gold 4. He was very generous with tips and coaching when I asked for them. He was also very flexible with my schedule, and last but not least he's an excellent player. I thoroughly enjoyed playing with him, and if I have to use a boost again I will definitely come back to him.

Jose boosted by Andrei from Silver 5 to Silver 2 23/11/2017

Hight mechanics as midlaner, friendly and rlly eficient.
Recomended 100%

Ma Man boosted by Andrei from Bronze 2 to Silver 5 22/11/2017

He does the job perfect

Raul is your men boosted by Raul from Bronze 2 to Bronze 1 22/11/2017

He did such an awesome job, and gave me many tips and tricks to perform better. I watched him playing and tried it next day by myself. Believe it or not, in one day i was 2 devisions higher.