Christian boosted by Thomas from Silver 4 to Silver 3 04/01/2018

Thomas boosted me. Did so well, I was surprised at his performance. Always positive. Quick. 10/10. I recommend :)

harrry boosted by Reda from Gold 2 to Gold 1 04/01/2018

thank you

Christian boosted by Viktor from Bronze 1 to Silver 4 03/01/2018

I was a bit sketched out about the security of this website and everything turned out so well. Viktor did an awesome job, many wings, positive KD, and dedicated a good amount of hours on my acc. This guy is very professional :) 10/10

Ayden boosted by Ronald from Gold 4 to Platinum 5 30/12/2017

Great booster! He increased my win ate by a lot and k/d/a. I recommend Ronald if you want a quick and good boost.

William boosted by Ken from Bronze 4 to Bronze 1 30/12/2017

Did not lose a single game. He did however duo with the same guy for all of my games. (B3 - S5) Would definitely do again if needed.