Jordan boosted by Ken from Bronze 2 to Silver 5 16/09/2017

Amazing work!, highly recommend won every game

Ryan boosted by Serban from Silver 3 to Silver 1 16/09/2017

friendly booster, id say a lot better than the previous 2 I had. Efficient,friendly and fast :)

Boosted Bonobo boosted by Andrei from Silver 2 to Platinum 5 16/09/2017

At first I had a Booster that confused me a little but then the Support (best support I ever had) gave me a new Booster who was rly cool and finished his job rly fast! Im very satisfied!!

dan boosted by Gonzalo from Silver 2 to Silver 1 15/09/2017

great job 5/5

Nick boosted by Etienne from Silver 5 to Silver 3 14/09/2017

Great booster! Completed my order VERY quickly!!