Gilberto is the single best booster on this site. He is extremely friendly and willing to help out in any way he can. He's an absolute beast in League and loves to bop his enemies in the head with some of his favorite champs. He can teach you about the game, discuss the ongoing LCS/pro-scene season, and go back and forth with you about your favorite songs and shows -- all while getting the job done faster than anyone else. I would recommend no one else -- this is the guy you want! I look forward to requesting him for any future orders.

Extremely satisfied boost. He's a pro that gets the job done, please seek him out for future business!

he was good

amazing got it done asap and in time really fast

Man, oh man. I created this order 4 days before the season ended. And he got it done very fast. With like a what? 80+% win rate. Insanely good job.