Reviews of Elo Division Boost

Someone boosted by Jairo from Silver 2 to Gold 4 - Yesterday

Good job on the boost, nice rating overall

Alan boosted by Gianfranco from Gold 2 to Platinum 4 - Two days ago

Gianfranco is an amazing booster and he played most of the champs I love, so I hope to learn from his games!

Gary boosted by Daniil from Platinum 2 to Diamond 4 - Two days ago

Really fast service and win rate is very high!

Peter boosted by Filip from Silver 1 to Gold 4 - Two days ago

Super chill and nice booster. Was open for questions and special demands

Luka boosted by Tiago from Gold 4 to Platinum 4 - Two days ago

Thiago is the MAN! Very friendly and communicative at the same time very professional. Kept the promise on climbing with my main champ and did all the work in a timely manner.

All the best! <3