Eric boosted by Kacper from Silver 1 to Gold 5 04/06/2018

Really fast, good booster!!! Thank you.

Alessio boosted by Kacper from Gold 1 to Platinum 4 04/06/2018

It’s me again :D

Marcel boosted by Yan from Silver 2 to Gold 5 04/06/2018

Very Nice Job

Tom boosted by Kacper from Bronze 4 to Silver 5 03/06/2018

The fastest and most confident Booster ive ever had! He played the whole night to finish my Boost as fast as he could! Really apperichated his work. I would choose him again for sure! 11/10

F boosted by Srđan from Gold 5 to Gold 4 03/06/2018

Very friendly, very fast, best booster I've ever had