kees boosted by Olivier from 2407 to 3037 29/06/2017

Excellent service and a very friendly guy

Lino boosted by Eldin from 2905 to 3400 29/06/2017

Really nice guy and winrate of 90% , it was nice to play with him!

Jerome boosted by Eldin from 3116 to 3500 28/06/2017

good booster he was very nice and give me some tipps that i can improve by myself :D

Ahmad boosted by Earl from 3154 to 3204 28/06/2017

my best booster i try to deal with from 3158 to 3237

Kevin boosted by Olivier from 1975 to 3000 27/06/2017

Olivier was a really great booster, quick and very helpful !