Brennen boosted by Kardon from 2004 to 3500 30/01/2018

Very fast, only took a few days, but still very fast, very helpful in duo queue, I would also recommend him for coaching as well if you have trouble understanding things like I do.

New customer boosted by Ehab from 3407 to 3456 27/01/2018

Thanks Ehab, very good player !

Eloïse boosted by Miguel from 2875 to 3000 26/01/2018

Miguel is by far the best booster ! Super fast, super good, and super nice =D !

Anonymous boosted by Ehab from 3288 to 3500 26/01/2018

He was very friendly and did so super fast. We lost only 2 games or so, highly recommand this guy. He's also super funny to play with and gives you advice when asked. TAKE THIS ONE!

Hanne boosted by Alexander from 2718 to 2900 25/01/2018

Friendly booster, buying the live stream is really worth it! Great experience. <3