Dong boosted by Hazem from 2713 to 3110 04/03/2018

Hazam is a very good booster, would definely choose again

Dong boosted by Hazem from 2500 to 3000 03/03/2018

Hazem is very nice, completes the boost very fast, would definitely choose him again.

Brobbs boosted by Hazem from 2939 to 3000 03/03/2018

Very fast and gets the job done ;)

Avery boosted by Maximilien from 3000 to 3564 26/02/2018

Amazing booster!! Very very fast! Boosted my account over 500 sr in only a few hours before the season ended!!

Khalid boosted by Doojin from 3250 to 3850 25/02/2018

best booster ever