Hans Christer boosted by Ehab from 1853 to 2114 14/01/2018

Very good boost! Boost was fast and pure ownage! :)
Really recommended

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leo boosted by Daniel from 3500 to 4000 13/01/2018

He's a verry fast booster with hight disponibility, je take only 2 day' s for 3500>4000

Mich boosted by Yan from 2471 to 2520 13/01/2018

Fast, Polished, Rank slightly higher than expected!
Thanks again for the boost

TruGerman boosted by Illy from 3073 to 3200 12/01/2018

Friendly and super fast, would recommend to everyone!

Helga boosted by Miguel from 2895 to 3012 12/01/2018

Miguel boosted me from 2900 to 3030. Played only the heroes I asked him to play (I payed for "specific hero" option). Was very polite and completed the order in a flash.
Thank you, Miguel!