Ming Yang boosted by Boris from 15 to Legend 17/11/2017

A great booster ! will definitely use his as my booster in the next boost. took only 8 days from 15 - legend, replies fast and hes a very responsible booster ( played for 10+ hours each day for two days straight because RNG was screwing with his progress). 12/10

Isaac boosted by Kirill from 12 to Legend 14/11/2017

Kirill was a fantastic booster! we ran into a few hiccups with RNG, but he never gave up and I had a great time talking and laughing with him. Would recommend 10/10

Patrick boosted by Kirill from 7 to 5 13/11/2017

Kirill is a fast and friendly booster

Marcel boosted by Filip from 14 to Legend 13/11/2017

Thanks Filip. You was a create booster. Would you choose again. Thank you and take care!

Lucas boosted by Kirill from 14 to Legend 13/11/2017

Good communication, Fast and friendly.