Anthony boosted by Evgeny from 3 to Legend 23/08/2017

Amazing booster glad to have had you again, highly recommend. look forward to working with you again

Anthony boosted by Konrad from 5 to 2 23/08/2017

Thanks man

Jay boosted by Kirill from 4 to Legend 22/08/2017

Terrific service! Rank 4-Legend just as promised and on time!! Highly recommend

HappyBoi boosted by Kirill from 3 to Legend 22/08/2017

Kirill may not have fancy bio in his profile but just look at the number of solid completed orders .

Went from R3 to Legend in prox 2 days , very happy with the result ... I couldn't have sat through for so long without tilting :-D

Definitely the man to go to !

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Great boost thank you