John boosted by Aleksandar from 15 to Legend 30/01/2018

Aleksandar is a brilliant Heartstone player and an all-around great guy. His committment was amazing: he completed the job in just two days playing 8+ hours a day, maybe more. When we had the time to play together, he coached me pointing out the best plays and strategies, explaining the reasons behind every decision. Also, he's super friendly and easy to talk to.
Couldn't recommend him more, just pick him!

Kyle boosted by Stanislav from 5 to Legend 29/01/2018

Awesome booster, very friendly and quick service. Recommend immensely.

Jonathan boosted by Aleksandar from 3 to Legend 28/01/2018

It was pretty fast from Rank 3 to Legend in like 5 hours

GG boosted by Daniil from 1 to Legend 27/01/2018

Works fast in maybe 45 min from 1 to legend

Stan boosted by Daniil from 3 to Legend 27/01/2018

Best booster ever! efficient! 5 to legend in 1 day wow impressive!