MonkeyJuice boosted by Kirill from 6 to 5 19/04/2017

very kind booster

K.Daniel boosted by Eduard from 8 to Legend 19/04/2017

It took 2,5 days from rank 8-legend

NoTimeToPlay boosted by Aleksandar from 8 to Legend 19/04/2017

If you'll get this guy you are really lucky! He's fast and funny and will do his job! GG!

Eugene boosted by Matthieu from 2 to Legend 19/04/2017

Many thanks to Matthieu for completing the order.

Jay boosted by Matthieu from 4 to Legend 17/04/2017

My booster was professional, insightful, and courteous. Would recommend this booster to anyone who wants to climb and LEARN at the same time. Would recommend!