Lvnskaya boosted by Evgeny from 23 to 20 30/09/2017

The booster was friendly and communication was also good. He boosted me immediately, since I didn't have time and play other games. He let me know he finished and did it quick and efficient. Thank you very much again if you are reading this! Definately would recommend this booster.

Sam boosted by Evgeny from 2 to Legend 30/09/2017

Such an awesome experience! Would recommend to anyone!

Jan boosted by Egor from 3 to Legend 29/09/2017

Thank you Egor for your fast hitting Legend. I ordered when I was Rank 3 in Wild and only 26 hrs after giving him account details it was finished!
Egor, I wish you all the best and for anyone else reading this, Egor was friendly, thanked me for fast account pass confirmation and did a great job altogether. Cheers!

Bob boosted by Kirill from 5 to Legend 29/09/2017

Great Boost! friendly and serious, thank you

RA boosted by Stratos from 5 to Legend 29/09/2017

Ok Stratos is GREAT! Very skilled and friendly. Got legend with ease. Request Stratos for all your HS needs. Won't regret it!