Lamao boosted by Boris from 10 to 5 25/03/2018

Good job from the booster and fast work

Daniel boosted by Milan from 17 to 13 24/03/2018

Best booster ever pls more haha

Synthesis boosted by Aleksandar from 3 to Legend 24/03/2018

This guy is the man you want if you want to get the job done right and fast. Rank 3 to Legend in only a few hours. Thanks again

luca boosted by Kirill from 16 to 5 24/03/2018

It was hard but he got it, great job

Cameron boosted by Evgeny from 2 to Legend 24/03/2018

Evgeny was great. I had made it to one star from legend and then my rng took a turn for the worse and I lost almost back to rank 3. I was very frustrated but Evgeny took me from rank 2 to legend with only 1 loss. Great experience and I would highly recommend him. Thanks again Evgeny.