Reviews of Apex Legends Win Boosting

Klev boosted by Orlando for 5 Wins - 26/04/2019

Great booster as always, Orlando is the best! Definitely recommend him

Klev boosted by Orlando for 5 Wins - 25/04/2019

Great booster and nice guy! He hard carried every game and got it done fast. Would definitely recommend!

Klev boosted by Bartek for 5 Wins - 24/04/2019

Bartek is a beast and hard carried every game. Amazing booster, would definitely recommend!

Frsty boosted by Bartek for 2 Wins - 22/04/2019

Really great! Booster is fun and super cool, it was a pleasure to play with him!

Abhishek boosted by Bartek for 4 Wins - 18/04/2019

My second boost from this guy and he didnt disappoint
thankyou so much
will order more soon