Jay boosted by Franklin for 3 Wins 13/02/2018

Fast with completion.

Li-Yang boosted by Franklin for 10 Wins 18/01/2018

on time great i would even like him to couch me if he can do so them i will be a loyal customer with you gis I wont say his good because his better then that i will call him great

Kevin boosted by Franklin for 4 Wins 04/01/2018

Literally the best booster around he played until he finished even though it is midnight and he was tired af, This guy will finish your order like lighting

Kevin boosted by Franklin for 3 Wins 17/12/2017

fast booster and friendly guy :D

Fredrik boosted by Krama for 3 Wins 07/11/2017

Good booster! Boost got done in a day :)