Juan Carlos boosted by Dilan from Bronze IV to Gold IV 24/03/2018

Awesome work Dilan, thanks !!!

J boosted by Nick from Bronze I to Silver III 24/03/2018

10/10 booster

Joe boosted by Nick from Silver III to Platinum III 24/03/2018

One of the best boosters one could get. He wins fast, is very nice, and is from Germany. I could not ask for more.

Denali boosted by Daniel from Gold II to Platinum III 24/03/2018

Boost was completed fast! As well as he made sure to take a picture of every match and show the K/D on the scoreboard. Very nice booster.

Izzy boosted by Dilan from Gold II to Platinum I 22/03/2018

Amazing ! Dilan does a quality job ! He's a really cool guy, I'll definitely use him again.