Zac boosted by Carlos for 11 Champion wins on PC 18/07/2017

Carlos was super quick and really friendly! Highly recommend! Will be back for sure.

pierro boosted by Guille for 5 Grand Champion wins on PC 16/07/2017

good and fast nice service

rookie boosted by Ludo for 12 Diamond wins on PC 13/07/2017

nice job

Jo D. boosted by Guille for 12 Champion wins on PlayStation 4 12/07/2017

Fast 12 wins (even on PS4), would recommend to everybody who dont want to lose their rank!

Customer #2231 boosted by Ludo for 12 Diamond wins on PC 12/07/2017

Ludo is an awesome booster. Not only did he take care of my order, but he also was kind and answered game related questions for the service I had purchased to clear my mind. So, this rating system only has Bad or Good. I believe Ludo, is excellent.