Green boosted by Stefan for 4 Grand Champion wins on PlayStation 4 30/03/2018

fast and fun to play. (:

William boosted by Stefan for 2 Diamond wins on XBox 1 23/03/2018

Stefan is simply nuts. Fast and easy.

Anonymous boosted by Matthew for 9 Grand Champion wins on PC 20/03/2018

Fast, easy and communicated everything.

Michael boosted by Jose for 10 Bronze wins on PlayStation 4 14/03/2018

Jose #3838 is remarkable, I watched those Tournament RLCS games on Twitch and they possibly could learn from 3838!!! Thanks Jose!!!

Ben boosted by Jose for 8 Champion wins on XBox 1 13/03/2018

Did it really quickly and easily and even got me a division up. He did a 10/10 job and did it quickly too. I definitely recommend using him if you see this post.