Reviews of Roan #27455

Eric Lewandowski boosted by Roan for 9 matches Games on PC

It got me to plat 3, very much appreciated.

emma boosted by Roan from Bronze II to Gold IV

thank you so much. hes very friendly and nice, i appreciated his work.

Daniel boosted by Roan from Bronze I to Platinum III

Roan was very fast and a really hard worker ! He finished my order ASAP and was very polite and kept me updated! I would recommend Roan!!

Max boosted by Roan from Bronze I to Gold IV

Honestly the fastest boost i've ever seen, brought me so my joy to see a continues feedback with how my rank was going and now i can finally earn my true rank :D

Kurt boosted by Roan from Gold II to Platinum III

I would happily use Roan. He was very polite and hardworking. He even finished the boost on the same day. I'd recommend Roan for all my future boosting.