Reviews of Briac #116665

Lord Andradus boosted by Briac for Grand Champion wins on PC

Briac took the order really quickly despite there being a 12 hour difference from when he completed the first order to boost from C3 to GC1, he was very fast, efficient, and accommodating to his operations.

Lord Andradus boosted by Briac from Champion III to Grand Champion I on PC

Fast and efficient booster, did exactly as promised and got me to GC for season 5 of Rocket League while the season was fresh, so that means getting to GC overall was harder to do. I would definitely recommend Briac to anyone needing a fast boost after being demoted

Guillaume boosted by Briac from Champion I to Champion II on PC

rapide, je recommande

Shawn boosted by Briac from Platinum II to Platinum III on PC

fast and friendly!!!!

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Good job