Hey! my name is Erimia and Im 25 years old. I've been playing League of Legends since early of season 2 and have been boosting for 5 years now.
I'm a multi Challenger/Master on both EUWEST/EUNE over the seasons, top 20(800 lp) was my peak. I have achieved everything i wanted in the game, from semi-pro stage to top of the ladder. I'm currently maining Jungle and Top, i can play pretty much any meta champion but my top 4 mains are olaf - kha'zix - xin - trynda.

First of all, Thank you for choosing our website and service, you won't be disappointed with the quality and the speed of our boosting!

I offer coaching and solo/duoq boosting!
For either coach or boosting I am free to play or teach any day , any time 24/7. Soloq i can boost up to Master within weeks and for duoq d5-d3 depending on your rank. I am fun to talk with, constantly trying to give advices and will play to my limit to win every game together!

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If you want Erimia to be your booster, type 7971 when you choose the booster for your order

Erimia's Reviews:


First of all what you need to know is that he is an expert at the game and he will get you to whatever rank you want to reach. Period.

Excellent attitude throughout all the process, didn't ever feel like he was my booster, it felt like I was playing with a good friend.

If you are on the fence on choosing someone to help you out, I highly recommend him. He will do an amazing job, no matter how bad your games may be. And believe me we had some terrible luck on the way up.

I enjoyed the duos we did, I can feel my game sense got a lot better and I'm a better player as a result. I am now an Alpha Male Jax main.

Thank you for all your patience and hard work my friend.

Wish you all the best.

good and fast :3

good bro good mate

Best Booster so friendly and fast ty