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Hello! I am living in Sweden, playing soccer almost at pro level and studying at university. I love playing R6S becouse of its competetive nature. I am Go4 winner x3, Diamond on 3+ accounts severy season. Hands down best R6 coach on the market. Super competetive but chill. Super nice & friendly guy. Respect people for being different. Got good education & i am aware of life & its mysteries.

I am high elo Diamond player. I am IGL for a Competetive team. I know everything about this game & i see patterns easily. I am also a legend top #200 rank on Heartstone and i have a 5+ kd on fortnite and an average of 29% winrate in fortnite.

Boosts in: Hearthstone, Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite

If you want Wisely to be your booster, type 6351 when you choose the booster for your order

Wisely's Reviews:

Rainbow Six Siege Coaching
Aj coached by Wisely for 1 hour

Wisely is awesome. Gave me really great tips and showed me a lot of really awesome stuff that I can implement in my game play to help me improve.

Rainbow Six Siege Rank Boosting
Wesley boosted by Wisely from Gold II to Platinum III

Great booster. This is my second order, fantastic job.

Rainbow Six Siege Match Placements
Sonny boosted by Wisely for 10 matches Games on PlayStation 4

Super fast and professional. Would recommend to anyone.

Rainbow Six Siege Rank Boosting
Quanteze boosted by Wisely from Gold III to Platinum III

Good Services

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