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Boosting for about 1 year now with 100% success rate and 100% positive feedbacks from all customers. Have boosted on both EU and NA (even with 140ms ping). Second to boosting experience, I have competitive experience trough EU HGC Open Division top spots and a lot of local and regional LAN tournaments won. Coaching might be one of the best services I can provide because of time I've put into researching every single meta. Also I can do some psychology coaching for Hero League since that is sometimes the only problem people can't improve or progress. For any info or questions contact me on skype at any time.

Boosts in: Heroes Of The Storm, Battlerite

If you want Jovan to be your booster, type 5621 when you choose the booster for your order

Jovan's Reviews:

HotS Placement Matches
THomas boosted by Jovan for 6 matches

great work

HotS Placement Matches
freddy boosted by Jovan for 10 matches

nice job

HotS Rank Boosting
Magnus boosted by Jovan from Silver 1 to Gold 3

Did it fast and did it well. Great job and can absolutely recommend him!

HotS Placement Matches
Luke boosted by Jovan for 10 matches

Everything perfects, freindly, easy and booster 10/10

HotS Rank Boosting
yuan boosted by Jovan from Gold 4 to Platinum 5

Jovan delivered quick results. A+

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